Beekeeping isn't just keeping a hive, getting some honey, or having some bees. It's also about having some fun with it. Take your hive products and enter some contests. Most Counties have honey related contests, as well as the State Fair and many Beekeeping Organizations.

Here are a few that I've entered and won over the years!

Awards for 2010 - Central Ohio Beekeepers Association (COBA)

1st Place for Cut Comb, Third Place for Honey, Third Place for Frame Honey

Awards for 2011 - Central Ohio Beekeepers Association (COBA)

1st Place for Cut Comb, 1st Place for Pollen

Awards for 2012 - Central Ohio Beekeepers Association (COBA)

1st Place & Best of Show for Pollen, 1st Place for Creamed Honey, Second Place for Honey

We took 4 Ribbon Awards at the 2013 Ohio State Fair (above pic)
2nd place for Creamed Honey, 2nd Place for Honey (Light Amber category), 2nd place for a Full Frame of Honey, and 3rd place for Bees Wax.

Past Speaking Engagements & Education Classes

ECOBA - 2011 - Bee Venom Therapy
COBA - 2011 - Bee Venom Therapy
OSBA - 2011 Fall Conference - Bee Venom Therapy
Tri-County Beekeeper's 2012 Spring Workshop  - Bee Venom Therapy
SVBA - 2012 - Bee Venom Therapy
OSBA - 2012 Summer Conference - Bee Venom Therapy
Ohio State Fair - 2012 - Bee Venom Therapy
TCBA - 2012 - Bee Venom Therapy
COBA - 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Beginning Beekeeping Classes
KCBA - 2013 Advanced Beekeeping Class
LCBA - 2013 - Bee Venom Therapy
ECOBA - 2014 - Bee Venom Therapy